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The Greater Houston Community Foundation is dedicated to expanding philanthropic impact with our donors. We support our donors with their philanthropy in a variety of ways — including custom solutions for even their most complex needs. We can work with donors to determine the best ways to donate complex assets such as land, businesses, and other types of property. We are a convener for leading philanthropists with a variety of programs and events based on donor interest. And our team serves as ongoing advisors and provides access to knowledge resources, research, and a peer network of donors with similar interests.



Making meaningful impact.

GHCF Giving Guide of Houston Black-led Organizations

During this historic and important time of reflection in our country, Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF) is taking action to elevate awareness around equity and racial justice. There is much work to do and we are beginning a more intentional journey of listening, learning, and creating meaningful change. To that end, we are excited to present the Greater Houston Community Foundation Giving Guide of Houston Black-led Organizations.

The GHCF Giving Guide was created thanks to the support of many leaders in the philanthropic community and GHCF team research. Thank you to everyone that contributed and reviewed this list of Black-led organizations, including Black Philanthropy Houston and the many nonprofit and foundation leaders that are leading this important discussion around racial equity.

In particular, we want to honor and uplift the following individuals and organizations for their valuable contributions.

  • LaTanya Flix, Black Philanthropy Houston
  • Brandi Holmes, ImagiNoir Equity Group
  • Ryan Smith, The Brown Foundation
  • Cleve V. Tinsley IV, ImagiNoir Equity Group
  • Ann Ziker, The Brown Foundation

The purpose of the GHCF Giving Guide is to share information and raise awareness in the philanthropic community, particularly with GHCF donors, around how they can support Black-led organizations serving communities in Fort Bend, Harris, and Montgomery counties. Within this guide, we are defining Black-led organizations as organizations that are led by Black CEOs or Executive Directors. However, we humbly acknowledge that this guide, and how we have defined Black-led organizations, does not fully recognize all of the impactful work that supports Houston’s local Black communities. It is our goal that this guide will be an additive resource to the incredible work being done in the philanthropic community and, ultimately, help increase giving to Black-led organizations over time.

Since launching the guide on November 12, 2020, we have engaged in conversations with several community leaders—some positive and some critical—which have informed how the Foundation will continue to evolve this website. Greater Houston Community Foundation will continue to listen and learn so that we may realize our best intentions to support Houston’s Black communities.

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Understanding Houston

What matters to Houston matters to America. As one of the largest, fastest-growing and most diverse cities in the United States, what happens in Houston shapes the future–for our region and the nation.

Understanding Houston is a collaborative initiative led by the Greater Houston Community Foundation to empower us all with the information we need to act–individually and collectively–to build a Houston region that provides everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We believe informed, collaborative action across sectors can be a powerful force in making Houston a more vibrant and equitable region.

An ongoing effort, the Understanding Houston website is a major source of credible data, linking to resources provided by data partners, and tracking our progress on key measures over time for the region’s three most populous counties–Fort Bend, Harris, and Montgomery.

The Understanding Houston website offers over 200 indicators on quality of life issues spanning eight primary topics, data visualizations, and life stories of Houstonians.

Click here to read the 2019 Summary Report. In it, you’ll learn about the major data trends and how we are engaging a broad range of stakeholders in using these tools to learn and think deeply about how we can–together–build a more vibrant Houston with opportunity for all.

Explore the website and learn more about Understanding Houston!

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Whether you are opening a scholarship to help students achieve higher education, encourage studies in certain fields, or assist your employees through a corporate scholarship, GHCF can help customize your scholarship program to achieve you charitable goals. GHCF plays an active role in managing several scholarship programs. We utilize industry best practices and offer expert advice in the design and management process to ensure they comply with IRS rules and regulations. We manage the entire process from start to finish, allowing donors to play a passive or active role in the process. In 2017, GHCF awarded over $2 million to over 500 students. For information on the many scholarships available, check out our resources page.

Disaster Relief

GHCF stands ready as a resource to individuals, families, and businesses to address emergency needs during a disaster. In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Ike in 2008, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, GHCF played an important role in addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the Greater Houston area and the Gulf Coast. Partnering with other nonprofits and local governments, we helped gather and distribute financial resources to agencies providing direct relief. Several companies, which wanted to aid their employees who had suffered damage from the storms, turned to GHCF for assistance. We helped these companies establish eligibility requirements, manage the grant application procedure, and process and distribute grant payments in accordance with IRS guidelines. Our experience with disaster relief funds made it possible to establish one quickly and efficiently and relieve affected employees as soon as possible.


Working with you to craft your legacy.

Every donor starts differently. For those who are new to philanthropy, we craft a fund’s mission statement, assist with an initial giving plan, and plan for a legacy they want to leave. For donors already engaged in philanthropy, GHCF can help strengthen their impact by working creatively to achieve their philanthropic goals. Our local emphasis allows us to counsel our donors on major opportunities for giving in the region.


Helping donors give more.

The Greater Houston Community Foundation understands the important issues and needs in the community. We are a hub for the local giving community: connecting Houston’s leading donors to an extensive network of nonprofits and innovative solutions for the social sector. We actively convene donors to collaborate and share ideas on philanthropy through a variety of educational and social events throughout the year, including panel discussions and lectures. Together with leading donors, we have created the following platforms for high engagement philanthropy.

Community Impact Funds

Community Impact Funds (CIF) are giving vehicles for donors and private foundations who want to learn and give together and to collaborate around a specific issue to increase their impact. GHCF currently has one CIF, the Youth Homelessness Fund, which has a positive impact on our community.

Youth Homelessness Fund (YHF)

The YHF is a local network of individual donors and private foundations who are committed to reducing youth homelessness through leadership, education, and collaborative grant making. To date, the fund has granted $332,577 to a variety of projects, including collaborative planning grants for youth homelessness; the administration of YouthCount 2.0, a program that provides the first-ever comprehensive look into youth homelessness in the greater Houston area; staff capacity building to support previous grants; and the design and implementation of a community plan to address youth homelessness. In 2019, the YHF will support the implementation of these grants and will also explore opportunities to connect homeless youth to local resources through increased social media and communication efforts. If you are interested in joining the fund or have questions, visit our resources page or contact Diana Zarzuelo at or 713-333-4614.

Donor Working Groups

Donor Working Groups provide the opportunity for donors to work and learn together. In a collaborative effort, donors may choose to align their foundation resources around organizations or strategies that they collectively identify as high-impact opportunities.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Working Group

The purpose of the AHT DWG is to convene and connect a variety of high-capacity donors (private, corporate, and individual) involved in anti-human trafficking efforts. Annually, the group sets an informed and relevant collective strategy that defines, implements, and measures actionable goals. Our activities include identification of key project interests or needed innovation in the field; grant making opportunities aligned around gap analysis, member interests, and funding projections; and cultivating or creating strategic partnerships or initiatives. Join us – Houston needs you! To learn more, connect with Rebecca Hove at or 713-333-2245.

The Education Learning Series

The Education Learning Series convenes donors who share an interest in education for learning opportunities and shared discussions on the latest issues and trends from experts in the field. There is a core group of donors who serve as our thought partners and suggest topics for upcoming luncheons. If you have questions about the series or would like to attend a meeting, please contact Diana Zarzuelo at or 713-333-4614.

Houston is a city George and I are proud to call home. It's a vibrant and extremely generous city filled with people who care about others and make the effort to do something about it. At the heart of giving in Houston is the Greater Houston Community Foundation. We are proud to support the impact they make in our community.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush