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The Greater Houston Community Foundation donors have been at the forefront of local philanthropy for generations. We have a thriving network of donors who are committed to continuing the philanthropic tradition that has helped Houston thrive. We support the initiatives of these families and individuals with strategies that make giving easy, efficient, and effective.


Building a legacy.


As the fastest growing philanthropic platform in the U.S., Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are a simple, yet highly effective and streamlined giving tool. You can contribute as much and as often as you like, and you can distribute grants in the time frame of your choosing. Because of their structure, DAFs allow you to take a tax deduction at the time of your donation without having to immediately decide where to direct it. Our philanthropic advisors and administrative staff give you the same support and expertise as if you were running a private foundation, while removing many details that consume your time and energy. Our donors have 24/7 access to their funds via a secure online donor portal.


A private foundation provides high levels of control over the terms of giving, investment objectives and tax structuring. Your existing private foundation can partner with our team of top-level specialists in foundation operations, grant administration and accounting to help you navigate complex giving, philanthropic strategy, and operational issues with a highly personalized approach. If you want to retain your existing team of advisors, our staff will work closely with them to ensure that your grant making strategy and philanthropic platform remain consistent. For more information, check out our resources page.


The only program of its kind in Houston, the Next Gen Donor Institute’s mission is to connect and inspire the next generation of philanthropic leaders. We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 class. Throughout the year-long program, participants will develop a deeper understanding of their philanthropic journey and identity as well as learn from peers and community leaders about philanthropic trends and possibilities. Contact Anne Fried at or 713-333-5893 to nominate a candidate; self-nominations are accepted. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Next Gen Alumni Network

We have established an extensive network of Next Gen donors to help develop a greater culture of altruism within the community. Activities include social and educational events, as well as Community Impact Fund site visits.

Next Gen Giving Circle

The Giving Circle serves as a forum for aspiring Houston philanthropists to explore, develop, and implement the tools of strategic giving. Each year, Giving Circle members collectively decide to focus on one area of need in the Greater Houston area, solicit for and examine grant applications, perform site visits to grant semi-finalists, and ultimately select one or more organizations to support.


Our consulting team has specialized experience and training in multigenerational philanthropy. Our goal is to help you find common ground so that all family members participate actively in your philanthropy. GHCF can help you develop a charitable plan that will ensure your philanthropic legacy, whether by passing on your tradition of philanthropy to the next generation or establishing a structure that will fund your chosen priorities for years to come.


The Center for Family Philanthropy (CFP) aligns with our mission of helping donors amplify their generosity and ensure their legacy. The CFP offers an enhanced structure with expanded resources, greater peer connection, and access to best practices in family philanthropy. Please contact Jennifer Touchet at or 713-333-2228 for more information.

The Center for Family Philanthropy:

  • Provides families best in class resources, special programming, infrastructure, and peer connection across generations.
  • Offers families support to ensure their giving brings the family together and enriches the communities they serve.

Family Giving Circle

The Family Giving Circle is an initiative that brings families together to give, learn, and make a difference in the Houston area.

2018 Mission Statement:
The GHCF Family Giving Circle will support organizations and programs that work to increase literacy (the ability to read and write) for children in Harris County.

One of the greatest things about the foundation is that it will live well beyond any of us. Having a place where you can have your funds deposited, which you know will be safe and last for literally generations to come, is real peace of mind.

David Weekley - Chairman, David Weekley Homes