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Understanding true donor intent involves understanding donors’ stories, their plans, and the impact they want to have now and in the future. All of our donors have a story and want to make an impact. The Legacy Project, a new initiative of the Greater Houston Community Foundation, can help capture your plans for the future of your philanthropy.


By choosing to incorporate philanthropy into your estate plan, you are ensuring that your legacy of generosity will live on through a future gift. Our team of philanthropic advisors will help you navigate the legacy planning process from start to finish, and provide custom giving options based on what matters to you most. When you decide to create a charitable legacy fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, here is what you can expect along the way.


Meet with a Greater Houston Community Foundation staff member to discuss your charitable goals and vision for the future. Learn more about how the Community Foundation can connect caring individuals with the community’s most pressing needs or with the causes closest to your heart.


A Legacy Plan is a document that will guide the Community Foundation in carrying out your future charitable wishes. We can keep it simple, or create a detailed plan. Either way, a Legacy Plan can help you to create community impact and preserve your philanthropic legacy for years to come. We offer two main options, which may be used separately or in tandem, depending on your preference and availability.


If you are interested, Greater Houston Community Foundation staff members can meet with you and guide you through a series of exercises and values-based discussions in order to create a custom Legacy Plan, which will be used to capture background information and instructions for your fund.


Our Legacy Plan workbook is designed to help you chronicle your unique giving story in your own words. The workbook is available in print and digital formats. Using tools like the written exercises in the workbook, you will have the option to craft a custom letter and instructions for the Community Foundation, expressing your wishes for the future of your fund.


A copy of your Legacy Plan will be kept on file at the Community Foundation to govern the future use of your fund. Your Legacy Plan can also include involvement from loved ones or other advisors you choose. You may add to or revisit your Legacy Plan at any time. Most planning services are offered on a complimentary basis. No administrative fees apply until a fund is created.


Details coming soon!


To learn more about our legacy planning services, or to request a meeting, we invite you to contact Jennifer Touchet, Vice President of Personal & Family Philanthropy, at 713-333-2228 or

For professional advisors: If you are working with clients in their planning process and want to learn more about how we work with advisors and their clients, please contact Susan Zarich, Director of Advisor Relations, at 713-333-2203 or We also have an online planned giving resource, GHCFLegacy, which is designed to assist you and your clients in achieving their charitable goals. GHCFLegacy includes an online wills planner, a planned gift calculator, descriptions of gift options, and sample bequest language. Click here to learn more.